SA 1006 CT

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12 Ltr/hr Output Capacity

Double Oring Housing

7 Ltr Tank capacity

Auto Shut Off

In Line Sediment Filter

In Line Pre Carbon Filter

In Line Post Carbon Filter

48V Pump/36V Adoptor




Water is the most essential-part of our life. The whole universe is containing 75% Water el 25% earth. Our whole body contains 90% of water all major diseases cause through water only.

What is Reverse Osmosis ?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a ultra modern process of water filtration under high pressure using special - semi permeable membrane to remove suspended dissolved viral- I bacterial- and chemical-impurities up to 0.0001 micron from water. It removes undesirable salts which cause blood pressure, Stone, indigestion, Gastric, Arthritis Jaundice, Typhoid, Hepatitis cs many more diseases. It makes even ground Salty water to bottled water standards.

Analysis of Filtration Method

Boiling Deactivate Bacteria

UV Deactivate Bacteria, Removes Odour, Dust Particles, Chlorine

RO odour, Bad Taste, Bacteria, Virus, Chlorine, Flouride, Dissolved Salts, Insectisdes, Pesticides l all other pollutants

20/20 to 40/40 Ltr.
₹ 35,500 to 49,500
40/80 to 150/150 Ltr.
₹ 75,500 to 1,11,000
150/200 to 200/400 Ltr.
₹ 1,25,500 to 1,99,500
₹ 12,990
₹ 11,990/-