सोनार घरेलु आटा चक्की घर लाओ, रोटी का हर निवाला शुद्ध पाओ।

सोनार घरेलु आटा चक्की घर लाओ, रोटी का हर निवाला शुद्ध पाओ।

We take for granted that quality brands and flours, even the cheapest ones, are the best we can get, since it’s readily available. Most people do not consider milling their own flour due to the difficulty of the task.

However, modern automatic domestic flour mills will provide you with a pleasant experience with their ease of use and maintenance. Milling is possible, and it is advisable, because the flavors are wonderful.

To learn more about why you should mill your own flour, continue reading.

Boosted with nutrients : Due to excessive processing, large-scale flour loses a majority of its naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Therefore, even if you believe that you are buying “nutritional” flour, you are obtaining a very small fraction of the nutrients that are available in the grain. The benefit of using freshly-milled flour is that it is at its best nutritionally, so it tastes fresh and is even more flavorful.

The Better Taste: Freshly milled flour makes delicious rotis, breads, and cakes with scrumptious, nuanced flavors, with intense zest and extraordinary colors. Further, the natural oils present in grain kernels give your flour a lightness, which serves as a basis for lighter, fluffier foods!

The freedom of choice – Milling your own flour allows you to choose the type of grains and food you want in your kitchen. It is your choice how to prepare each food item. Whether you choose to grind grains finely or coarsely, the choice is yours. The choice is all yours. You can, for example, provide gluten-free options for family members with gluten sensitivities while offering other alternatives to others.

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Simple to Use – Sonar Domestic Flour mills are super easy to use – just fill in the hopper, turn on the chakki, and you’ll have flour in minutes! Specifically designed to grind a large amount of grains at one time, the 4.5 kg hopper makes grinding grains very easy. This allows grinding large amounts at once.

Easy to Clean – There is no flour explosion. Dust and flour can easily be removed from the chakki by using the embedded vacuum cleaner and separate brush. With a cleaning brush, you can easily remove any stuck flour from your flour

Easy to Move – Place your mill anywhere you like. You can move the mill from room to room thanks to the nylon wheels at the bottom. The machine just needs to be dragged.

Easy to Grind – As the flour mill is equipped with seven perforated sieves (jaalis), it grinds aata at different consistency levels. Simply select the jaali you require and you will receive the desired flour within a short timeframe. Grinding is achieved by cold forging steel, which leaves no iron particles in the chamber.

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