Pure & Hygienic Edible Oil Can Be Extracted From Any Seed With Sonar Cold Press Oil Machine.

There are many different brands, wholesalers and retailers saturating the market for oil, and therefore making it hard to verify if the oil being bought is pure and unadulterated or if it is impure at the core. An oil press machine helps people get pure oil. It is highly advisable to have an oil pressing machine installed at your home or to have your oil churned out from one of these machines to avoid this from happening.

In India, Sonar Appliances manufactures the best oil-making machines for commercial and domestic purposes. The firm is dedicated to end the consumption of adulterated and impure oils by the Indian masses, and to avoid the harsh consequences this leads to.

Product details:

Weight : 12 Kg

Motor Power: 600W

Voltage : 220V 50hz

Working Capacity: 4 to 6 (kg/h) Approx (According to the materials)

Material : SS304#FOOD GRADE ( Stainless Steel)

Temp. Control : 50°C to 300°C Degree

Dimension : L400*W160*H220 (mm)

Product Specification: 

•  Used to Make healthy oil at home.

•  High oil extraction rate is about 2-3 % higher than existing technology.

•  High quality food grade stainless steel material is used.

•  Easy to operate and clean.

•  Cold and hot squeezing, rich nutrition, pure and natural oil.

•  Squeezed cake is enriched in protein and it can be used for making snacks.

•  The nuts squeezer is made up of rugged design and operation of 5-6 hours of working capability.

It’s sleek design keeps it from looking like those old heavy mills that you see at oil mills. It’s important to ensure your oil is safe to eat. Using this machine is a great option.

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