You can extract fresh oil all the time without any preservatives or harmful chemicals.

Cold press oil machines help people extract pure oil from grain. It becomes really difficult to tell whether one is purchasing pure oil from a wholesaler or if it is impure to its core given the wide range of brands, wholesalers, and retailers that exist on the market.

You can avoid this by installing a Commercial Cold press oil Machine at your home or having your oil extracted using one of these machines. Today, a huge number of brands claim to be India’s best oil press manufacturers. However, some of their claims lack evidence to back them up.

Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense to just follow some brand telling you that their oil extraction machines produce the purest oil. We manufacture the best oil maker machines in India for commercial and domestic use at Sonar Appliances.

 In comparison to older heavy machines found in oil mills, the model is sleekly designed. You can use this machine to ensure that your oil is pure and safe to consume.

Oil Press Machine SA-2014 product details

Weight : 12 Kg

Motor Power: 600W

Voltage : 220V 50hz

Working Capacity: 4 to 6 (kg/h) Approx (According to the materials)

Material : SS304#FOOD GRADE ( Stainless Steel)

Temp. Control : 50°C to 300°C Degree

Dimension : L400*W160*H220 (mm)

Sonar Appliances  seeks to eradicate the consumption of adulterated and impure oil by the Indian masses, so that no one must suffer the negative consequences. Oil maker machines manufactured by Sonar Appliances are capable of producing edible oil.

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