The perfect kitchen companion for your modern lifestyle with Sonar Domestic Flour Mills.

With the Sonar stainless steel Atta Chakki, you can get 100% fresh flour at exceptionally low prices. As the flour is milled, all of the grain’s nutrients remain, such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and fibers. For a family with a large number of members, this flour mill with a large grinding capacity of 8 to 16 kg per hour is the best choice.

A domestic atta chakki from Sonar has many great characteristics that would be helpful in your everyday life. It features stainless-steel grinding sieves designed for an easy adjustment of fineness and coarseness of grinding.

In addition to flour and grains, it can grind everything from rice, beans, corn, bajari, moth, jowar, rava, urad, haldi, moong etc. Stainless steel is used in the grinding chamber, which eliminates iron particles from the grinding process.It is the safest and most user-friendly appliance, as it produces no dust at all, and can produce good quality flour at an affordable cost.

With its auto start sensor, this stainless steel atta chakki ensures that grinding starts automatically once grains are detected. A built-in talking system helps the user verbally follow every step.Using a domestic flour mill makes it simple to grind flour very quickly. A flour mill is used in every home today, as it is essential for serving delicious rotis and bread.

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