Sonar Commercial Cold press oil Machine Designed to last a long time & produce oil with high quality.

Oil is widely available at many different wholesalers, retailers, and brands, making it hard to examine whether the oil you are purchasing is pure and pure or if it is impure at the core. The best way to get pure oil is to use an oil press machine. To avoid this from happening, it is highly recommended that you get an oil pressing machine installed at your home or get your oil pressed out of one of these machines.

The oil-making machines produced by Sonar Appliances are the best in India for households and commercial use. We are committed to stopping the consumption of adulterated and impure oils by the Indian masses and avoiding the harsh consequences it has.

product details

Weight : 62 Kg

Motor Power: 1500W / 2HP

Voltage : 220V

Working Capacity: 15 to 20 (kg/h) Approx (According to the materials)

Material : SS304#FOOD GRADE (Stainless Steel)

Temp. Control : 50°C to 300°C Degree

Dimension : L640*W290*H720 (mm)

Product Specification:

  • Stainless steel 304 and 316 are used in making the material.
  • These steels are highly corrosion resistant and scratch resistant.
  • Squeezing and cleaning are very easy with the machine’s design.
  • A motor built in this way can work continuously for more than 3 to 4hours.

As a result of its sleek design, it doesn’t look like those old, heavy mills you see at oil mills. Food safety should be considered when using cooking oil. It’s an excellent choice.

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